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The Aerosolv® Warranty

Made in the USA - Aerosolv® stands behind its products, register here and obtain a 5 year warranty.

Warranty Form

Aerosolv® – Making Tools You Can Count On:

Cast in T6 aluminum and made right here in America, our systems are designed to be abused and built to last. This high strength aluminum is typically used in airframe castings, machine parts, truck chassis, and missile components. We used it because we wanted to give our customers a quality tool that they can count on year after year.

To back up our claim as the best equipment available to recycle aerosol cans, we proudly offer a 5-Year Warranty as a solid guarantee that our systems and the patented technology within them is unmatched in the industry and we can prove it.

What is covered:

Aerosolv® warrants to the first end user customer of Aerosolv® Aerosol Can Recycling System enclosed with this limited warranty statement, that the product if purchased and used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, conforms to manufacturer’s specifications and will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 5 years from the date of original purchase.

What Aerosolv® will do to correct problems:

Should your Aerosolv® product prove defective during the warranty period, please call 888-818-7114 for warranty repair instructions and return authorization, if required. Aerosolv® will, at its option, repair or replace on an exchange basis the defective unit without charge for parts or labor.

What this warranty does not cover:

This warranty does not cover unregistered systems, gaskets, filters or any scheduled replacement or routine maintenance components. This warranty does not cover third party parts, components or modifications. Aerosolv® is not responsible for warranty service if the system is not properly maintained.

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