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Prosolv® Propane Cylinder Recycling

Recycling one small propane cylinder is equal to recycling one pound of steel, which saves 5,450 BTUs in subsequent steel production.

The Prosolv® propane cylinder recycling system is safe and easy-to-use. Propane cylinder recycling systems effectively remove the sealing sleeve and internal valve stem from propane, propylene, mapp and calibration gas cylinders to provide safe disposal techniques. Prosolv® offers a cost-effective recycling alternative to hazardous waste processing fees for propane cylinders. Select products below to learn more about Prosolv recycling.

  • Recycle Propane Cylinders

    Model 4000

    Prosolv® Model 4000 allows canisters to be safely recycled as scrap steel instead of disposed of as hazardous waste. The activated carbon filter removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the propellant.

  • Prosolv Carbon Filter Replacement

    Model 4343

    The Prosolv® replacement carbon filter helps remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from propellant. Includes forty (40) certification tags. Tags serve as the filter replacement indicator. Standard in the Prosolv Model 4000 System.