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Prosolv Propane Recycling System

Prosolv Propane Recycling System

Spent propane canisters are considered hazardous waste while still under pressure, but once they are safely vented and relieved of pressure they can be recycled as scrap steel.

With ProSolv, you can safely recycle depressurized propane cylinders, eliminating an entire category of hazardous waste from your waste stream.

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A ProSolv system can depressurize and recycle 40 spent propane cylinders before its first filter change. Traditional disposal methods would require a disposal fee up to $100 dollars per each propane cylinder to handle as a hazardous waste, with a total cost reaching $4000 dollars. ProSolv pays for itself after recycling as few as 8 propane-cylinders.


Spent pressurized propane-cylinders no longer have to be stored for hazardous waste treatment and handling. ProSolv removes the sealing sleeve and internal valve stem from propane, propylene, mapp and calibration gas cylinders, as it empties and filters the propellant. Furthermore, ProSolv provides recycling certification tags for each canister recycled to guarantee pick-up by the handler.


It’s the only technology of its type to certify the depressurized canister for recycling. It greatly benefits the environment by converting a propane canister into a recyclable steel container, thus diverting it from landfill. Recycling one small propane cylinder is equal to recycling one (1) pound of steel, which saves 5,450 BTUs in subsequent steel production.

#4000 ProSolv Propane Cylinder Recycling System

#4000 ProSolv Propane Cylinder Recycling System

ProSolv Propane Canister Recycling System, includes: ProSolv Fuel Canister Venting Device, #4343 Activated Carbon Filter and Forty (40) Certification Tags, Anti-Static Wire, Safety Goggles and Pliers

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