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Japan selects Aerosolv to recycle aerosol cans

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – Aerosolv’s effort to make the world a greener place has had another big success. Under the direction of the Japanese government, Aerosol Industry Association and Japan Waste Management Association held a contest from June 2006 to March 2008 to find the most efficient way to recycle aerosol cans, an ongoing concern for community officials there. Aerosolv, a system that efficiently punctures, depressurizes and drains aerosol cans containing paint, solvents and hydrocarbons, beat out other solutions from around the world.

Aerosolv Nation Launched To Promote Safe Aerosol Can Recycling

Company Recruits 'Ambassadors' to Create Aerosol Can Recycling Awareness on College Campuses Worldwide

DENVER, CO – A new program has begun recruiting a 'nation' of collaborators to make aerosol can recycling as commonplace as the recycling of aluminum cans, bottles and newspapers. The new initiative, called Aerosolv Nation, aims to address the estimated 3.5 billion aerosol cans sold each year in the U.S. alone, most of which end up in hazardous waste landfills or trash dumps rather than being properly recycled.