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Justrite® Drum Accessories

Since 1906 customers have looked to Justrite for innovative solutions to help protect workers and the environment, reduce fire risks, and improve productivity.

Aerosolv® is proud to be a Justrite® Group Company. To complement users’ aerosol can recycling efforts, Aerosolv® also offers a number of Justrite® safety products, including safety containers and drum accessories. Learn more about what Justrite® products have to offer, below.

Drum storage and dispensing can pose a danger to your staff and facility. A number of popular Justrite® safety funnels and other drum accessories are available, including FM-approved drum faucets, with an internal flame arrestor; and FM-approved drum vents that provide pressure relief and safeguard against explosion. Also available are drum wrenches, drum lifters, drum dollies and other drum accessories to help create a safe workplace environment while meeting OSHA and NFPA regulations. Learn more about Justrite® Drum Accessories below.

  • Steel Drum Locks

    Model 08508

    Keep your drum contents safe from theft, sabotage and contamination with drum locks for steel drums. Locks install easily around the bung flange without the need to remove the original bung.

  • Drum Bung Wrench

    Model 08805

    Drum Bung Wrench Model 08805 opens drum bung caps. Rugged, non-sparking, corrosive-resistant tool fits many 2" or ¾" bung styles commonly used on drums.

  • Safety Drum Lid - Manual Latching - Model 26752

    Model 26752

    Safety Drum Lid Model No 26752 complies with National Emissions Standard for Aerospace Manufacturing by offering a gasketed, manual latching 55 gallon drum lid, thereby preventing vapor release. An installed vent relieves pressure buildup between 3 and 5 psig (0.2 and 0.35 bar) at elevated temperatures. 

  • Self Closing Safety Drum Lid

    Model 26753

    Safety Drum Lid Model No 26753 complies with National Emissions Standard for Aerospace Manufacturing by offering a gasketed, spring-loaded self-latching and vented lid with rotary latch mechanism to seal the drum, thereby preventing vapor release.

  • Safety Drum Lid - Manual Latching with Port - Model 26754

    Model 26754

    VaporTrap™ Lid No. 26754 controls odors and vapors with a gasketed drum lid and gasketed 4.75" (121mm) easy-access port. Allows for fast discards of smaller containers such as used lubricants, motor oils and additives.