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Aerosolv® Recycling System - Model 6000

Recycling System - Model 6000  

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The Aerosolv Recycling System Model 6000 is constructed of sturdy, long-lasting aluminum and offers a durable, poly safety shield on a slide bar to minimize the potential for spray back during operation. The two-stage high-efficiency combination filter prevents potentially harmful VOCs from release into the air.
  • Puncturing Device with Safety Shield
  • High Efficiency Combination Carbon Filter with Aluminum Filter Base - Model 3601
  • Anti-Static Wire
  • Safety Goggles
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Body: Aircraft Aluminum
  • Puncture Pin: Stainless Steel (Non-Sparking)
  • Gasket: Aeroprene
  • Sleeve: Nylon
  • Shield: Polyethylene
  • Eliminate an entire hazardous waste stream and save thousands of dollars on disposal costs
  • Safety shield reduces spray back and protects users
  • High-efficiency combination carbon filter captures VOCs and extends filter life by 33%, reducing change outs to save time and money
  • Mounts on either a 30- or 55-gallon drum
  • EPA compliant

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