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Aerosolv® Parts and Accessories

A number of Aerosolv® recycling accessories and replacement parts are available to ensure Aerosolv® systems will continue to operate at peak performance.

Routine use of Aerosolv® recycling systems may lead to some wear and tear on the various components that are vital for units to function correctly. Select from the products below to learn more about what Aerosolv® has to offer.

  • Replacement Puncture Pin Sleeve

    Model 5017

    The replacement Puncture Pin Sleeve is located in the opening of the Aerosolv® housing where the puncture pin passes through. The sleeve allows for smooth passing of puncture pin to prevent breaking.

  • Poly Sleeve - Model 5018

    Model 5018

    The replacement Poly Sleeve sits in the Aerosolv® housing to provide a tighter seal when puncturing aerosol cans smaller than 3-inches in diameter.

  • Aerosolv Maintenance Repair Kit

    Model 5165EX

    Routine use of your Aerosolv® puncturing system can lead to wear and tear of the puncturing pin and other vital components. This kit contains all of the parts needed for routine maintenance to keep your system working at peak performance.

  • Spent Aerosol Can Counter

    Model 5700

    Aerosol Can Counter counts and records depressurized cans, helps maintain ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) guidelines and eliminates guess work for system maintenance and filter replacement. Fits all 5000, 7000, 7000XL and 9000 Aerosolv® models.