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#7000XL Aerosol Can Disposal System

#7000XL Aerosol Can Disposal System

Aerosol Can Recycling System, includes: Advanced Puncturing Device-Material Resistant Coating, Automatic Shut-off Valve, #7163XL Combination Colormetric Carbon Filter with Automatic Check Valve, Drum Cover, Drum Under Containment, Anti-Static Wire, Safety Goggles, and Aerosolv Counter


#7000XL Aerosol Can Disposal System

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  • Aerosol Recycling System
  • Recycle Aerosols Using Drum
  • Puncture Aerosol Cans
  • Aerosols Empty into Drum
  • New Aerosolv Counter
  • Count Recycled Aerosol Cans

Our Aerosol Disposal System is the most cost effective system on the market! Recycle and puncture your Aerosol Cans legally and safely with Aerosolv! The Aerosolv® 7000XL Can Puncturing System is specifically designed to comply with California's rigorous vapor emission regulations while minimizing your aerosol can waste stream. Intact, aerosol cans are considered hazardous waste, but once punctured and drained, they can be recycled as scrap steel.

  • Complies with California Universal Waste Rule
  • Eliminate an entire waste stream and reduce disposal costs by puncturing and recycling your aerosol cans
  • Also includes a poly containment sump to place under drainage drum as well as a poly lid for scrap steel storage drum
  • Angled puncture pin makes a clean, smooth puncture every time; leaves no sharp or jagged edges
  • Two-piece Combination Colormetric Filter (Colormetric color indicator changes color to indicate saturation) — filters out odors and potentially harmful VOCs
  • Unit mounts on either a 30- or 55-gallon drum with standard 2" and 3/4" bung openings; released liquids are then captured in drum
  • Will not accept cans inserted incorrectly; prohibits incorrect use
  • Accommodates domed mini, standard and jumbo aerosol cans
  • Verified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency

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