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Aerosolv 360 Aerosol Can Disposal System

Aerosolv 360 Aerosol Can Disposal System

Aerosol Can Recycling System, includes: Fully Sealed Puncturing Device with Material Resistant Coating and Integrated Lockout System, #3601 High Efficiency Combination Carbon Filter with Aluminum Filter Base, Anti-Static Wire, and Safety Goggles.


Aerosolv 360 Aerosol Can Disposal System

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  • Aerosolv360 Can Disposal System
  • Aerosolv360 Recycle System

Completely redesigned, this Aerosol Can Recycling System is the most cost effective and durable system on the market. Recycle your Aerosol Cans legally and safely with Aerosolv360!

  • Safe, easy way to puncture aerosol cans - minimizes waste and allows cans to be recycled as scrap steel
  • Eliminate an entire waste stream and reduce disposal costs by puncturing and recycling your aerosol cans
  • Accommodates domed mini, standard and jumbo aerosol cans
  • Alignment cone & two-way vented pin – Directs flow straight into the drum minimizing maintenance
  • Activation wheel – Ergonomic design for ease of use
  • Built-in Counter – Tracks system use and maintenance schedule
  • Integrated Lockout System – Tamper proof design eliminates unauthorized use and secures the unit to the drum
  • Fully Enclosed System – Dual seal system seals inside at point of puncture and outside when the can is being processed
  • Increase torque – Utilizing a mechanical advantage with rack and paw gear, reducing the effort needed to process aerosol cans
  • Relocated Point of Puncture – This new design now features the most efficient point of puncture greatly reducing cleanup and minimizing maintenance.
  • Locks to drum – Security feature locks the unit to the receiving drum incorporating a tamper-proof retention plate
  • High Strength Insulated Coating – Special nonstick coating minimizes static transfer to the unit while at the same time reducing clean up.
  • High Efficiency Carbon Filter – Captures odors and potentially harmful VOCs and now features easy to replace filter components.
  • Extreme Duty Filter Base – Cast out of the same T6 aluminum as the system housing this filter base is engineered to last a lifetime.
  • Adsorption Indicator – The liquid crystal indicator reacts to the adsorption of VOCs