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Aerosolv® Aerosol Can Recycling

Aerosolv® can recycling systems are designed to protect environments, reduce hazardous waste disposal costs - up to 55x less - and convert spent aerosol cans into recyclable steel containers.

Safe and easy-to-use, the Aerosolv® can puncture device requires minimal maintenance while allowing users to convert spent aerosols into recyclable steel containers. Aerosol disposal systems help provide RCRA empty compliance after use. EPA certified, units provide users with safe disposal methods of hazardous aerosol spray cans. Learn more about Aerosolv® disposal systems below.


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  • Aerosol Can Recycling System

    Model 5000

    Save $100 - Use Promo Code at Cart Page: aerosolvrecycle** View Terms The Original Aerosolv® Recycling System 5000 is a staple for safe aerosol recycling practices nationwide. Avoid fines with safe disposal processes in-house, while protecting environments.

  • Recycling System - Model 6000

    Model 6000

    Save $100 - Use Promo Code at Cart Page: aerosolvrecycle** View Terms The Aerosolv Recycling System Model 6000 is constructed of sturdy, long-lasting aluminum and offers a durable, poly safety shield on a slide bar to minimize the potential for spray back during operation. The two-stage high-efficiency combination filter prevents potentially harmful VOCs from release into the air.

  • Aerosol Can Puncture System

    Model 7000

    The Aerosolv® Recycling System Model 7000 includes a colormetric carbon filter to indicate filter saturation. EPA verified and designed to eliminate entire RCRA waste stream from operations.

  • Aerosol Can Disposal

    Model 7000XL

    The Aerosolv® Recycling System Model 7000XL complies with California Universal Waste Rule. Includes polyethylene containment sump, polyethylene lid, and automatic check valve to ensure a closed filter system.

  • Can Puncturing Device

    Model 9000

    Save money with the Aerosolv® Recycling System Model 9000. Includes two (2) replacement Colormetric carbon cartridges, maintenance kit and Viton® Gasket.

  • Recycling System - Model 360

    Model 360

    Save $100 - Use Promo Code at Cart Page: aerosolvrecycle** View Terms The innovative Aerosolv® Recycling System Model 360 is designed for high volume usage. Increase disposal volume with ergonomic activation wheel, high efficiency filter and built-in counter.