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A Company Built on Creating Solutions:

Aerosolv was invented in 1991. Aerosolv soon became known for selling unique tooling to a niche market.

With that reputation, customers approached Aerosolv seeking a method to facilitate safe, low-cost handling of their aerosol cans. Without an available solution, Aerosolv developed the solution. That solution is Aerosolv.

Aerosolv began manufacturing their aerosol can recycling system in 1991 to immediate success. That year, the U.S. Military and companies nationwide avidly became the first adopters of the technology. To guarantee customer safety, Aerosolv voluntarily submitted the Aerosolv system for the vigorous testing and high standards of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. In December 1999 the joint U.S. EPA and California EPA Environmental Technology Verification and Certification Program certified Aerosolv for its safety and effectiveness. Today it remains the only aerosol can recycling system to receive such certification.

We have used the Aerosolv machine in our household hazardous waste program with no operational issues. It has fulfilled our hopes in reducing the very high cost of processing aerosol cans which had afflicted our program in earlier years* 
Punctured Aerosol Cans

As more and more companies used the Aerosolv system and reported their successes, they expressed a similar need for a method to dispose of their propane cylinders. In 1998 Aerosolv began manufacturing the ProSolv propane cylinder recycling system.

Though Aerosolv began as an industrial tool supplier, it has now become the manufacturer of two important products that help save the environment and allow companies to tremendously reduce disposal costs. In its first ten years, our company has manufactured and distributed more than 44,000 Aerosolv systems and more than 2,000 ProSolv systems. Even before the first filter change on all of those systems combined, they have potentially recycled more than 22 million pounds of scrap steel. That equates to saving more than 113 trillion BTUs of energy in subsequent steel production and untold amounts of harmful chemicals from entering the waste stream.

Aerosolv® and ProSolv® remain the industry’s solution for a better, cleaner, safer environment.

*Quote From:

Mike Sweeney
General Manager
Mendocino Solid Waste Management Authority