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Proven Technology for Over 25 Years

Today, Aerosolv® and Prosolv® remain the industry's premier solution for a better, cleaner, safer environment.

Our Story

Aerosolv® was originally designed to solve the specific problem of responsibly disposing aerosol cans. With manufacturing beginning in 1991, the Aerosolv® can recycling system provided environmentally compliant disposal and recycling systems nationwide. The U.S. Military and other private establishments became early adopters of the technology.

To guarantee customer safety, Aerosolv® voluntarily submitted the system for the vigorous testing and high standards of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. In 1999, the joint U.S. EPA and California EPA Environmental Technology Verification and Certification Program certified Aerosolv® for its safety and effectiveness. Today it remains the only aerosol can recycling system to receive such certification.

As more and more companies successfully used the Aerosolv® systems, it became apparent that a similar method was needed to dispose of propane cylinders.This resulted in the creation of the Prosolv® propane cylinder recycling system.

Today, Aerosolv® and Prosolv® remain the industry’s premier solutions for a better, cleaner, safer environment. Not only are the systems up to 55 times cheaper than other hazmat disposal costs, they also provide additional revenue streams by scrap steel recycling. Additionally, Aerosolv® and Prosolv® can puncturing devices allow companies to maintain sustainable disposal practices by avoiding fines and contributing to workplace and environmental safety. Aerosolv® is part of the Justrite Safety Group.